Focus on your business.
We take care of your notifications.

CORE by PushPushGo - building blocks for push notifications.
We deliver SDK for each platform with one API for all providers.

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Silence disruptions with AI auto-mute

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Silent push

Send data to your app without showing notifications to users.

Unified API

One API for each platform. Easy to implement, easy to maintain.


Set up action behavior depending on your platform, to open browser or app in your view.

Data Push

Rich push out of the box, with actions, title, icon, badge, content, and perfectly cropped images.


We handle all events, aggregate them, and inform your endpoint.

Custom channels

Configure multiple channels, with sound, vibrate patterns, and actions.


Keep your strandards high

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One simple plan

starts from $0.50 per 1000 notifications sent

$0.50 per 1000 sent
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Unlimited images
  • Batch API
  • Discord for support
  • Webhooks for events
  • High throughput
  • You own your database
  • Easy integration

Frequently asked

How to get an API key?

Please join to our Discord Server or just e-mail us on

Where to log in? Where is the customer panel?

CORE by PushPushGo is a headless solution. We deliver SDK and API for developers. There is no UI panel. On our Discord Server is "corebot" where you can do some stuff like: - generate api key, - check limits, - etc, Our service are stateless, so you don't need to declare anything before you use.

Is there an on-premise option?

Yes. We can talk about on-premise solutions. For on-premise, pricing starts from $10 000 USD monthly.

What is the difference between CORE and the PushPushGo platform?

CORE by PushPushGo is a true headless solution for push notifications. We deliver all tools, SDK, API, infrastructure for your developers to implement push notifications. There is no UI, so you can easily integrate it with your current ecosystem like marketing automation, aggregate statistics in your way on your servers and databases. We are only cover technical part. Best for "transactional systems" with high security requirements. Our main PushPushGo application is a platform for organizations that want to have easy push notifications platform with all features like mass campaigns, ab tests, statistics. It's a SaaS platform that you can integrate with "one line script" with your website or mobile apps. Best for "marketing purposes"

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